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Smoke or haze with smoke detectors and fire alarms

Smoke detector

A typical UK venue will have smoke detectors fitted and if you’re not in a venue that is set up to handle performance effects you’re likely to find the staff are unable or unwilling to disable smoke detectors in an event room, to allow smoke or haze to be used to make the lighting and […]

SKAA Pro latency test using a Soundboks

I upgraded my go anywhere DJ setup with a wireless link to my Soundboks speaker. How well does a wireless SKAA audio link work and is it good enough to DJ with? Take a listen for yourself! The transmitter and Soundboks also get good use when I play venues with my full DJ rig. They […]

Powering the Pioneer DDJ-1000 with a 12V battery

Battery powered DDJ-1000

I’ve got a Macbook Air with awesome battery life 😁 I’ve got a Soundboks speaker with great battery life 😁 Just need to battery power my DDJ-1000 and Skanky becomes play-anywhere 👊 The catch is that the DDJ-1000 uses a fair bit of power and needs 12V. That rules out low-cost USB battery packs and […]