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SKAA Pro latency test using a Soundboks

I upgraded my go anywhere DJ setup with a wireless link to my Soundboks speaker. How well does a wireless SKAA audio link work and is it good enough to DJ with? Take a listen for yourself!

The transmitter and Soundboks also get good use when I play venues with my full DJ rig. They let me place the Soundboks as an additional speaker down the far end of a venue to pump good sound into an area like the bar, where distance from the main PA or crowd noise can mean its started to sound a bit crappy. The Soundboks has a setting to merge the stereo audio I play out of the decks into the transmitter at these full sound system gigs, into mono out of the Soundboks, so no weird one channel only problems either.

Kit Links

SKAA Pro transmitter:
My DDJ-1000 battery power adaptor:

Update….got me another Soundboks!

Flippin love this go anywhere rig!!